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Jun 02, 2023

Galactica Network: The Cypher State

Today we, the team behind the Galactica Network, are proud to announce the launch of The Cypher State Campaign. The Cypher State is the first Web3 Nation and today it is time to invite the first cohort of its Citizens.

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Galactica Network: The Cypher State

Galactica Network: The Cypher State


The web3 space is expanding at a rapid pace despite the global economic slowdown. Builders keep on building and today we as a community are stronger than ever. The sheer abundance of technological, financial, and institutional advancements fuels our collective drive, propelling us towards a future defined by limitless possibilities.

The same way Bitcoin has redefined the concept of monetary institution and DeFi has changed what's attainable in the realm of finance, The Cypher State is the first brick in the wall of the Internet of Identities - the first Web3 Nation.

Today, we stand on the precipice of history.

Galactica Network stands at the forefront of innovation, introducing a tech stack that unleashes unparalleled possibilities within the realm of web3, from undercollateralized lending to reputation-centric DAOs, and far beyond. We dare to imagine a future where the concept of a Cypher State - a new socio-political paradigm built on the principles of decentralization and empowerment - becomes a reality.

We are happy to announce that we are rolling out a campaign aimed at creating awareness and stimulating the first wave of adopters to come join us on our journey. There will be challenges, puzzles and rewards - exactly like you like it, anon.

Benefits of the campaign

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure as you join the ranks of The Cypher State campaign-an exclusive and interconnected family that embodies the vanguard of the decentralized revolution. By becoming part of this movement, you gain access to a multitude of exclusive privileges and opportunities. While some are meticulously planned ahead, many will emerge organically as our united community forges ahead on this journey.

But remember: the earlier you are in, the easier it will be to ascend. Before we delve into the range of benefits one can acquire by participating in the campaign, we shall explain the concept of the Galactica Network Citizenship (aka GNC).

Technically, it is a whitelist of addresses that are eligible for benefits within Galactica. The same way as Bitcoin Blockchain rewards early participation by offering exponential benefits to miners that have joined early, Galactica Network rewards social contributions. Galactica Citizens benefit from its inflation by receiving UBI, take part in block validation and participate in governance. There are few spots early on and ascending through the ranks of the Cypher State is a way to get in early.

All in all, the Benefits include:

Galactica Network Citizenship (GNC): Successful participants can earn access to the first wave of GNC passes. Holding a GNC pass grants a range of benefits, including:

  • Universal Basic Income (UBI): GNC pass holders will receive Universal Basic Income payments, distributed in a quadratic manner to benefit early adopters. This allows participants to passively earn rewards based on their level of involvement and contribution to the network.

  • Running a Galactica Network Validator: GNC pass holders will have the privilege to run a Galactica Network Validator. This role involves validating transactions and securing the network while earning additional rewards.

  • Governance: GNC pass holders gain the right to actively contribute in meritocratic decision-making processes across the network, propose and vote on protocol upgrades, and shape our decentralized future.

Early Access: Participants gain preferential access to in-development features and tools. This includes access to DevNet/Testnet phases, allowing select candidates to experience and provide feedback on the platform's advancements.

Exclusives: Participants will enjoy various program-specific raffles, competitions, and exclusive incentives. These range from unique rewards to special privileges within the Galactica Network.

NFTs: Participants will receive exclusive NFTs that represent their active participation in the different phases of the program. These NFTs serve as a symbol of their commitment to shaping the future of the Cypher State.

By participating in The Cypher State, you not only become an advocate for the community but also play a vital role in promoting the understanding of Galactica Network's innovative tech stack and its extensive DeFi, DePol, and DeSoc capabilities. Remember, Galactica is an entire ecosystem. Your contributions will have a wide-ranging impact, spanning across various projects within the network.

You'll have the opportunity to connect with founding teams, foster community engagement, and contribute your expertise to the development of these projects. You'll be there early on…

But above all, you can become a Citizen.

Participants receive the benefits outlined above by completing certain tasks. The completion of these tasks will allow community members to progress through the campaign's six different tiers. The higher an individual's tier and level of involvement, the greater the rewards and advantages they can enjoy. Tasks encompass various actions, such as following Galactica Network's official social media channels, creating content, referring friends, joining Twitter Spaces, and more. To explore the details of each tier and find comprehensive information to guide you on your journey within The Cypher State campaign, we invite you to join our community Discord.

One last thing before you begin. The Cypher State campaign serves as the bootstrapping phase of Galactica Network's governance framework. Your contributions during this campaign will have a lasting impact on your influence and weight within the Cypher State governance process. The reputation you establish as part of this campaign will become a permanent fixture of your digital identity within the Galactica Network ecosystem and beyond, helping to forever shape your role in the future of decentralized decision-making.

Ok, now off we go. The button that just might change your life is right here:

Join The Cypher State Discord

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