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Aug 09, 2023

Voyager Ark: An incentivized DevNet discovery campaign

This campaign is meant to serve as a launchpad for active participation in Galactica Network, fostering the network's ethos of privacy, compliance, and meritocracy.

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Voyager Ark: An incentivized DevNet discovery campaign

Voyager Ark is a uniquely incentivized DevNet discovery campaign, designed as an opportunity for users to pass our DevNet zkKYC process, and be among the first to execute transactions on the Galactica Network DevNet. In recognition of your active participation and contributions, you'll also be eligible to earn many attractive rewards, making your voyage with us even more enriching.

This campaign is meant to serve as a launchpad for active participation in Galactica Network, fostering the network's ethos of privacy, compliance, and meritocracy.

Ready to get started with Voyager Ark?

With a few simple steps, you'll be all set to explore, learn, and earn rewards. Here's your roadmap for getting started:

  • Step 1: Kick off your journey by filling out this Google Form. It's simple - just provide some basic information such as your Discord ID, Github profile, email address, and name. You'll also need to supply an EVM compatible wallet address inside the same form. We'll use this for your DevNet zkKYC registration, and to distribute any $GNET you earn in future.

  • Step 2: Now it's time to get social. Post a Tweet sharing your thoughts and experiences with the Galactica DevNet platform. Don't forget to add our campaign hashtag #GNET so that the rest of the community can follow along on your adventure.

Upon completion, you will earn the "DevNet/TestNet Participant" role on our Discord Server.

This achievement opens up numerous benefits and privileges in the community and throughout the Cypher State campaign, including:

  • Exclusive Community Channels: You'll gain access to exclusive channels on our Discord server where you can directly interact with our developers and other participants. These channels provide a space for meaningful discussion, feedback, and assistance related to the DevNet/TestNet.

  • Increased Visibility and Reputation: Your role as a "DevNet/TestNet Participant" will distinguish you within the community, contributing to your reputation and influence within Galactica Network's meritocratic ecosystem.

  • Influence Over Future Development: Your insights and feedback will have a direct impact on the refinement of Galactica Network's development, allowing you to influence the direction of our project.

  • Potential Reward Opportunities:Your active participation could make you eligible for future reward opportunities, including potential airdrops, bounty programs, and other incentivized activities.

Rewards galore!

Early testers who secure their NFT will be rewarded with exclusive retroactive drops upon mainnet launch of Galactica Network and a chance to claim the coveted 'Wave 3 Citizenship.' This will be conducted through the Raffle channel on our Discord server, and will conclude at the campaign's end. The first individual selected via the raffle will receive this honor.

Campaign Timeline

The Voyager Ark campaign kicks off on August 11th and concludes on October 11th.

We're excited for you to join us!

Voyager Ark is more than a campaign; it's your gateway to becoming an integral part of the Galactica Network. As an innovative Layer 1 protocol built on the Cosmos SDK, Galactica Network stands at the forefront of the decentralized future. By joining us on this journey, you're actively contributing to an ecosystem that's striving to redefine traditional functionalities with blockchain-based alternatives.

This is not just an invitation; it is a call to action. We encourage you to join, participate actively, and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. This is a golden opportunity for you to leave your mark on the future of digital interactions. Come aboard, embrace the Voyager Ark campaign, and seize the transformative opportunities that lie ahead with Galactica Network.

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