Become a part of the future of nations.
Join the Cypher State.
In Nation States
your wealth is inflated away
while the institute of representative democracy is obscure and plagued with moral hazards.
In a Cypher State
inflation serves fostering innovation
through public goods funding that feeds back to you through meritocratic UBI, while for the first time in recorded history, the political process is merit-driven and at all times transparent.
Your Citizenship is just your right to take part in either
Presenting to you the
Only Citizens can be a part of Galactica Network Parliament or other governance structures
All Citizens are entitled to diversified UBI innovation portfolio
Run a Validator
Only Citizens can run Validator nodes
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The Value of GNC
As with any citizenship, Galactica Network Citizenship (GNC) carries within itself both rights and responsibilities.
Broadly, it is a claim on the value generated on the Galactica Network and it is necessary in order to join the governing bodies and research institutes that are hosted on-chain.
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